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welcome to al jazeera america. more than a million morns can lose their insurance if they don't act soon. >> make sure they get harem case so they don't have to work a boost food restaurant. one mom tells us why. and people flee the central african republic, as violence escalates and the u.n. steps in. >> we begin with nub
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unemployment numbers. 298,000 people filed for benefits last week. this is only the second time it has been below 300,000. the labor department is also reported an average of 200,000 new jobs every month, from august to october. the employment firm challenger gray and christmas says employers announced fewer layoffs but that still leaves an important decision ahead for congress. for lawmakers don't about soon, they could lose their unemployment in just 23 days. congressional correspondent joins us live now. tell us what congress is doing? well, democrats today held a hear led by house majority lead tore hear from americans who benefited from long term insurance.
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they wanted to get a sense of what their stories were. we heard from one woman from huntington west virginia, she was working in a hospice o when she lost her job last spring. it was the first time in her adult life that she was without work. she talks about how these benefits helps her out. >> i have been the majority of my waking hours looking for work. during this time, i was able to support myself, because i received those vital benefits. >> now, cav yet of the insurance benefits that you do have to be looking for a job while you are on them. the federal law kicks into place when the recession happened. it was a chance to given meshes more time to be on the benefits. up to 18 months. without this law, there's only about six months of unemployment, some have everybody less, so the democrats are trying to make a case that they need to be extended
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because they expire on december 28th. >> what's the reason response to this. >> well, house speaker today said if president obama has a plan on paper to extend them, he will take a look at it, so that is a little bit of a hint of some potential break through, however, he reviewed the republican perspective of it's about the economy, and we have a plan to improve the economy, and that's not related to social benefit programs. >> that we create more american jobs and better american wages. the republicans continue to focus on strengthening the economy for middle class families. that's why we passed nearly 150 bills many of them will help our economy, they are still sitting in the united states senate. so you hear a difference, how republicans approach things and democrats
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approach things. he also used his time to rail against obama-care, the federal healthcare law, he says that's one of the other priorities that and getting the economy going less so than working on the unemployment benefit issue. >> and torment, the labor department releases the november employment numbers. stick with al jazeera america for full coverage of that important report. some fast food workers are striking in more than 100 cities. they are demanding an increase in the minimum wage, and pushing to make it easier to unionize. many are asking for $15 an hour. that's nearly twice as much as the average worker earned. raising the minimum wage will not hurt jobs. fast food chains already have a wage increase would drive up the prices. that is by far the hirest in the country. tonya mosley is in washington state with more on how families
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struggle to get by on low pay. >> it's 22:00, and maya molina's five hour shift at kfc is over. she is off to pick up her youngest son to day care before heading home. and with no time to take off her uniform, maya heads to the kitchen to make a snack and help her two older children with home work. >> they look to me, they don't have no one else to look to. >> for the last five years the 35-year-old single mother of three has been making $9.31 an hour. that's just under $17,000 a year. >> i'm the definition of the working poor as they say. >> maya's job helps, but doesn't cover the cost of supporting a family of four. at 35 hours a week, she's barely able to cover the cost of living expenses. >> i receive food stamp benefits, i receive subsidized day care, subsidized housing and my job, my son is on wick. >> women's infant and children is a federal
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program that offers food and health kay. maya says her main concern is providing stability for her children. right now i am focusing on taking care of them, making them happy, and make sure they get the emication, so that they don't have to work at a fast food restaurant. maya is grateful for the job she has, for the past three weeks christmastime is coming up. >> one day she plans on returning to college, and ultimately changing careers. she says a bump in pay would help make that happen. tonya mosley, al jazeera. the hits keep coming from the nsa. the agency tracked up to 5 billion cell phone as day. only used used the day to to map locations and follow their movement around the globe. the newspaper says the information came from document provided by former nsa contractor.
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the report says the cell phones are outside the united states. the united nations has authorized a peace keeping force for the central african republic, the security council voted took place hours after a gun fight in the streets of the capitol left dozens of people dead. al jazeera diplomatic editor has more from the united nations. >> the u.n. security council voted unanimously for this resolution, in many ways it was compromised in the end, they decided to come up with 3,500 african peace keepers backed up by 1,200 french troops. one of the earlier ideas that has been put before them, was the idea of a peace keeping force. he said he would lead a difficult environment like the car up to 9,000 troops. there is a big difference
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with what is now being offered which is about half that number. a point i butt to the u. ambassador to the united nations. have you enough troops the r the job. >> we are in this resolution, walking and chews gum at the same time. we are both strengthening the mandate and working through strengthening the preparedness. >> continue planning for a u.n. peace keeping operation and she said that was not being ruled out in the future. james bays reporting from the u.n. finished meeting with israeli and palestinian leaders today. kerry arrived in israel with a huge agenda pushing forward the middle east peace. joining us live now with more on kerry's visit. hello. >> hey, stephanie, it is a huge agenda and
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extraordinarily difficult. before he can talk about peace, he needs to reassure israel and iran, but the more he reassures them, the more he runs into trouble with the palestinians. >> today a chum my secretary of state left a message of support, the u.s. has israel's back. >> the bond between the united states and israel is unbreakable. and while occasionally we might have a difference of a tactical measure, we do not have a different about the strategy that we both seem with respect to the security of israel. >> kerry used the word israeli security ten times. he is trying to assure them. the agreement freezes iran's nuclear program, but israel said the deal didn't stop the capacity to make a bomb. so kerry emphasized the u.s. and israel share a long term goal, dismantle the military nuclear capacity.
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we will consult very closely and continually with our israeli friends in order to bring about a comprehensive agreement, that can with stand everybody's test. proposing a new plan that pushes the boarder security. but analysts say because they ignored them over iran, curry has loose leverage. >> now he is coming from a position of ex-people diplomatic weakness. israel doesn't budge keeps the soldiers inside future palestinian statement. that's unacceptable to the palestinians.
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acknowledging pam tinnian anger on his emphasis on israeli security. >> there are questions of sovereignty, questions of respect, and dignity. which are obviously significant to palestinians. >> and i was speaking to a palestinian official tonight, and he is very dismissive of kerry's efforts. he told me there's a difference between -- where we fear that he is accepting that doctrine. so tonight it seems like both sides are upset. >> that does not bode well, thank you. >> this story just in. no charges will be filed against florida state quarterback jame miswinston. a female student had accused him of raping her last year. a short time ago, a prosecutor said there is not enough evidence to charge anyone in the case.
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>> police say as many as ten students were on the bus when it crashed. investigators are trying to figure out what led to the crash. >> next on al jazeera america, president obama said if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor, but the affordable care act doesn't say your doctor will keep you. and protests turn violent, where will the debate lead? >> the situation was no longer peaceful or safe... >> they were bashing my head with their boots... they had their guns on me and everything.... >> how much more real can this get? >> fault lines
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only on al jazeera america
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>> while you were asleep, news was happening. >> here are the stories we're following. >> find out what happened and what to expect. >> international outrage. >> a day of political posturing. >> every morning from 5 to 9am al jazeera america brings you more us and global news than any other american news channel. >> tell us exactly what is behind this story. >> from more sources around the world. >> the situation has intensified here at the border. >> start every morning, every day, 5am to 9 eastern with al jazeera america. the stolen radio active material story. mexican authorities have placed family under medical supervisor after they came in close proximity to the dangerous substance. the shipment of cobalt 60 was inside a truck stolen by thieves monday. the truck was found yesterday in a rural part of central mexico. residents in the area have been told by authorities that it will take about three days to
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contain the radio active material, and then take it away. cobalt 60 used for treating cancer was being transported from a hospital for toxic waste disposal at the time of the theft. >> wall street can't seem to get out of the red today. trading at about 60 points below. the blue chips heading toward as fifth straight losing session. improving economic data is raising fears the fed will scale back. the economy grew faster than expected last quarter, the government says the gross domestic product rose 3.6% that's the biggest increase in a year and a half. but there are caution signs, nearly half the gain came from a build up in business stocks piles while consumer spending pools. treasury secretary says the government reform since 2009 may get much less likely taxpayers will ever have to bail
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banked out again. however, he adds more is still needed to be done to protect against another melt down. doctors are getting worried. the government's new insurance plan may force physicians to take a hard look at whether they can afford to practice at the same prices. if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. so long as your doctor keeps you. >> new ones that get covered on the exchanges or through medicaid expansion. >> i think the first thing that is physicians can expect is to see a lot more patients coming into their office with health insurance, and a lot more of them are going to be covered through medicaid. >> affordable care act. >> that's the from
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doctors are millions are covered under the healthcare law. many restrict the patients they accept because of relatively low reimbursement rates. >> practice the way i want to practice. they are typically far below both medicare and private insurance. >> book lynn based an toll meteorologist whose is also president of the new york society, says private insurance for a full eye exam will reburst him at rates up to $150, medicare pays him $145, but for the same procedure, medicaid pays only $63. >> they are going to have to go up by 73% nationally, but in new york they have to triple. >> doctors remain am bilent about whether they will even take that insurance. in new york, 44% of
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physicians say they plan on sitting out the first year. 33% say they are not sure if they will participate, and nationwide, roughly four in ten say they are still weighing their options. lower payments to physicians experts say is one way of making the new plans more affordable, but even for patient whose have insurance that pays doctors higher rates many of those new plans also carry higher out of pocket costs can can create extra hurdles. >> many of the insurance are telling us they won't be advising us of what the actual deductible is ahead of time. so that the doctor cannot collect in advance. that means that they have to wait for the insurance company determination, and then hope that the patient can pay it. >> and that hope may not make financial sense for doctors when the drive to lower healthcare costs is already putting pressure on their bottom line.
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al jazeera, new york. the official start of winter is still more than two weeks away, but right now much of the u.s. is dealing with a serious ice storm. sub zero temperatures are being reported in who dozen states. the r the homeless it is life threatening. joining us live from denver, with a look at what is being done to protect them, and paul, what can you tell us? >> well, stephanie, here in denver, it is a clear beautiful day, but bitter cold. it is really only about five degrees now after hitting a record low of 13 below last night. there's no end in sight tonight is expect tock get out of the teens until monday, and not above freezing maybe tuesday when we may see a temperature in the mid 30's. it is difficult for everybody, a lot community like so many american cities right
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behind me is the denver rescue mission it is one of the largest homeless service providers and they have been running at capacity last night they slept 315 people in that building. that means they put down mats in their chapels in their hallways and used every bed they had, they also had another 150 people and another facility a little further from downtown when we heard from other homeless organizations that they are also running. so the cold and inconvenience for some, but life threatening for others here being service bedty homeless organizations. >> thank goodness they have somewhere to go, paul reporting live from a very cold denver, thank you. >> it looks like a giant video game, but it does a whole lot more, how scientists are taking three d. images to a whole new level.
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>> welcome back to al jazeera america.
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stephanie sigh here today headlines the house of representatives to decide on extending long term unemployment benefits to 1.3 million americans. out of work professionals testified telling lawmakers the benefits are critical. congress has until december 28th to decide before the benefit comes to an end. >> the united nations has voted to send a peace keeping force into dozens of people were killed in the gun fight in the capitol city. it has been plagued by lawlessness. john kerry finished meetings with heeds of state today, he reassured prime minister of america's devotion to the country's relationship, calling their bond -- unbreakable, this comes after he publicly opposed the u.s. signing a nuclear deal with iran. computer scientists at the university of illinois at chicago are taking three computer imaging to the extreme.
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w the ultimate video game console. in this stunning 320-degree cav vern, data comes to live. numbers transform into a flight skimming the surface of mars. known as the k 2, this was dreamed up by computer scientists at the university of illinois chicago. >> a project room or a war room where you hang up pieces of paper and photographs. and you take them to the wall so you can see a lot of different data. >> at the same time. but today all data is stored in computers, and rather than print them out, and tape them to the walls we wanted electronic walls are you can display information. >> the k 2 can transport psychiatrists inside their patients brains.
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these visualizations of the neuroconnections in the brain can provide critical understanding of how depression manifests in the mind. >> you get a very different perspective kind of like alice in wonderland, whether you can be big, or you can shrink down the rabbit hole, so you get very different understands of data when you look at it in different sizes, different relationships. >> researchers here say the applications are seemingly end less, but collaboration is at the heart of the mission. taking zeros and ones and bringing them to life through three dimensional representations. >> in 2009, nasa funded the endurance research project to study extreme underwater environments. the team drop add $6 million robot into the center of antarctic ca's lake bonnie. >> we had the robot running sonar, and sending up pings through a very thick salt layer. which made eight little tricky, and what we got
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back is over 50 million points. >> university of illinois professor heeded up the expedition. >> this way we can build up a map of any frame work. so it is data center unlike any other. >> that data gnaw processed inside k 2 is provided key incites into what kind of life can be sustained in icy bodies of water beyond our planet. >> for instance, on the moon of jupiter, europea has an icy shell, and it's almost certain that it has an ocean underneath. and so we are looking at this as a small scale analog for what that life might be. on earth, everywhere you find water you find life. >> k 2 and it's 3-d visualizations are one small step, one giant leap for explorers and researchers. al jazeera, chicago. >> an iconic car brand is getting a new design.
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the 2015 ford mustang is being launched today around the world. it goes on sale next fall, and it will roll out later in europe and asia. the current version starts at bent $3,000. 23 thaw dollars. >> i'm meteorologist dave warren, we are going to start seeing scenes like this. texas and oklahoma, freezing rain happening that's where ice accumulates on surfaces and a lot of it could be causing a lot of problems there on power lines on branches and on roadways. right now, we are seeing this large area of patient with the radar plus the clouds this is not snow, or rain, it is what happens in the middle here, the temperatures are easily below freezing in oklahoma city, dallas is at 35, and gets warm tore the south. we look at temperatures in a different way, we see 20 and 50, not too far apart, but we have to look at fit the side, this is where we are getting the freezing rain and sleet.
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at the surface, it is 20 treeings so you can getting rainfalling in the air, which is below freezing and either freezes before it hits the ground, which would be sleet, or when it hits the ground, that is freezing rain, and we could see a lot of accumulation of that ice in this area. we with can look at the computer forecast, and it shows that between now and about two or three in the morning we are getting a break, but another wave of moisture moves through, and this could be very heavy ice accumulation, in texas, oklahoma, and arkansas. right in the middle that's the area of concern with that freezing rain. now by 8:00, the end of the rush hour, in this area, this moisture moves out so we are starting to see it dry out. four to six-inches of rain, this area sees that sleet or ice accumulation of the half inch or more,
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that is easily enough to bring down tree limbs on power lines and certainly make travel nearly impossible, mainly rain where it's above freezing but it is just above freezing. so not exactly pleasant there. we are also talking about wind chills. these are the air temperatures north and south dakota. it's down below zero, but when you factor in the wind gutting it feels like 30 to 40 below. that's what the wind chill is. rare memorabilia from the series. collectors can swing the sword, and find out if his ring really does make your ink visible. a total of 80 items are up for grabs in beverly hills. can'ted to fetch $1.5 million.
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thank you for watching al jazeera. >> no other sport can kick off mass emotion in indonesia like football, even if the national team languishes near the bottom of world rankings. >> indonesians, they're really crazy. we can see their ranking in fifa is going down, going down, going down. but every game in the stadium, 80,000 people, 90,000 people. >> even local competitions turn smaller stadiums into cauldrons of passion, with crowd turnouts matching the top leagues in the world. >> sriwijaya is my life. i'll do anything for sriwijaya.

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